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Employment At Confredas

We are looking for outgoing, smiling team members to take care of our guests and their families!
Our team is our most important asset to provide our guests with an exceptional experience.  From team members ringing out customers & making fresh baked pies to drivers getting behind the wheels of our tractors, these are the faces of our Family Farm!
Friendly, courteous and respectful customer service is our number one priority for all of our positions.
Employees must be at least 16 years old and at least 18 years old for other jobs!

The farm is open seasonally from April through December.  We are looking for people who can work at least 15 hours per week, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday being the busiest days.  All jobs will require knowledge of our farm and events.  Friendly, courteous and respectful guest service is the number one priority for any of these positions.  Team Members must be at least 16 years old to work on our farm and 18 years old to work in our Farm Market.


Deli: Our Prepared Foods and Deli Department has a range of tasks from baking, using a deli slicer to making sandwiches. You will be part of a team working with others to get the customer’s order filled. For this job category we are looking for team players who work well with others at a fast pace to get the best quality food to our customers with attention to detail and cleanliness and a strong customer service focus. We will need 10+ employees with most jobs requiring you to be 18 years or older.

Produce: Our Produce Department has a range of tasks from receiving orders, merchandising and putting out fresh fruits and vegetables as well as going out to our fields and picking vegetables occasionally. You must be able to work well with Team members. 5+ positions are available. You must be able to regularly lift 40 lbs. or more. Must be 16 years or older.

Produce Manager: Our Produce manager position has recently opened up, for more info CLICK HERE


Cashiers: Customer Service and friendliness is most important in this job. Taking customer’s orders with accuracy, knowing the cash register and giving correct change is required while always remembering to smile. We need 3+ Employees and requiring you to be 16 years or older.


Retail: Working in our Farmer’s Market, Greenhouses or Food Court requires friendly customer service with an outgoing personality and an interest in selling. Attention to cleanliness, restocking, running a cash register and selling merchandise is required for this job.


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