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What makes Confreda's Sweet Corn so special?









Confreda Greenhouses & Farms has been growing its famous Sweet Corn since 1922. With over 125 years of experience between Vincent Confreda SR. and his son, Vinny Confreda, the best way to grow the perfect ear of sweet corn has almost been perfected


The Confreda Family puts alot of effort into growing the perfect ear of corn. The Family vigoriously soil tests its corn fields to make sure that our sweet corn has the perfect amount of vitamins and nutrients every step of the growing cycle. We irrigate at the perfect stages to make sure every bite is equally as sweet and juicy as the next.

Piece of Mind

Everytime you bite into an ear of our sweet corn, you know that it was grown responsibly. Confredas GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GS1 Certified. When we do spray, we only spray after 10pm to ensure the safety of the Bees. Confredas has been successful in introducing Bees to the farm while maintaining the quality of the harvest.


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Not all corn is equal, but we make sure our customers get the best of the best. The Confreda Family is constantly trying out new varieties with our seed suppliers to make sure the corn you are having tonight is just as tasty as the corn you will enjoy next week. 

Vinny Confreda personally tastes every field of corn before it is harvested to ensure quality and flavor.


When you buy an ear of our Sweet Corn in our Farmers Market, you know it was picked that same morning.


Corn-Snob (noun) :Someone who only eats Sweet Corn when Confredas is harvesting.




Are You A Corn-Snob?


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