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Confreda's Curbside Pickup Service

Thank you for your interest in Confreda's Farm Market's Curbside Pickup! Curbside Pickup is available 5 days a week, Tuesday through Friday from 12pm and 5pm. Orders placed before 12pm are available for pickup Same Day. Orders placed after 12pm will be for the next day. We are able take your orders any day from 10am to 5pm, Please DO NOT LEAVE any orders on our voicemail as they will NOT BE processed. IF you are ordering something from our Weekly Specials, Please understand that our Weekly Specials Run Friday to Thursday, if you are ordering on Thursday for Friday, The prices will reflect the new weekly specials that start on Friday.
We are only able to fulfill so many orders a day, so your exact day might not be available.

There is a $4.95 Fee for all Pickup and Curbside Orders.

ORDERS over $50 Get FREE Curbside Service! 

For a Small List of what we have available in the Farm Market

We do offer hundreds of other items not listed but this works as an easy to see guide.


  1. CLICK HERE for a List of what we have available in the Farm Market

  2. Put Together your grocery List, grouped by the department / category.

  3. Have the following information available.

    1. Name

    2. Phone Number

    3. Make, Model and license plate number of the vehicle Picking Up

    4. Pickup Date and Time

    5. Detailed shopping list grouped by department

  4. Call in Your Order at 401-827-5000 and Ask to place a Pick-up Order.
    It's That Simple!

    Pickup Your Order at the Requested Time. When you arrive, give us a call at 401-827-5000. At this time, we will take your payment information and let you know if any items were not available. We will then bring your order out to you. Give us at least 5 to 10 minutes to bring your order out to you.

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