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We are no longer offering Curbside Pickup in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you for your interest in Confreda's Farm Market's Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup! Curbside Pickup is currently only available on Tuesdays starting April 14th. The Farm Market will be closed on Tuesdays in order to offer Curbside Pickup. 
The Pickup Time is between 12pm and 5pm.

Please place your orders through this contact form. We cannot take orders over the phone at this time. 

There is a 5 Item minimum for Curbside Orders. 

There is a $4.95 Shop Fee to cover our costs for online Orders. 
Please complete the form by the SUNDAY at 5pm before your pickup date. ORDER SUBMITTED ON MONDAY WILL BE FOR THE NEXT WEEK - NOT THE NEXT DAY.

For a Small List of what we have available in the Farm Market

We do offer hundreds of other items not listed but this works as an easy to see guide.

We Currently only accept Credit Cards for Curbside Pickup


Please park in the spaces near the Farm Market and call us at 401-827-5000 to let us know you are here. There may be a wait time up to 30 minutes due to demand. We will do our best to get to everyone. AVOID 12PM - MOST PEOPLE WILL LIKELY COME RIGHT AT 12.


Once we get to your vehicle, We will come to your window with the total and get your credit card. You only need to roll your windows down enough to get your Credit Card through to reduce any potential contact. You can then Pop open your Trunk and we will load in your Groceries. - We will not load groceries into a backseat/passenger seat. Please stay in your car.

Thanks for submitting Your Online Order!

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