Confreda's Meat Department Looked for the best turkey in the marketplace. This year we are proud to sell Plainville Farms Fresh Turkeys. Our turkeys are hormone and antibiotic free, vegetarian fed, and raised on Plainville Farm's from Plainville, New York

We did we decide to sell Plainville Farm's Fresh Turkeys;
• No Antibiotics Ever Administered
• No Animal By-Products
• All Natural
• Humanely Raised
• Gluten Free
• Fresh...Never Frozen
• Not Injected with Fats or Oils
• No Growth Hormones Added
• Great Tasting

Turkey's are $3.49 lb and are 12-16 pounds and 20-22 pounds
Sold Raw

Order Your Turkey in Store or Call us at 401-827-5000
Turkeys are 12-16 pounds and 20-22 pounds

Antibiotic Free Farm Fresh Turkey


    Don't Show up with just a pie! 

    Add-on Family Favorites!